Wifi network is the top-most priority of the people these days. Nobody can survive without internet. As we all know, we have to perform several tasks either be online games, video conferencing, live streaming of HD videos and many more tasks daily. Hence, a good router is a must for every home or office to meet its internet requirements. However, with the increasing demands of the wifi network, your wifi signals start dropping or creating issues. How To Configure Ai Mesh?, here we bring Ai Mesh feature for Asus routers to create a whole wifi home or Mesh Wi-Fi system. Ai Mesh is a free feature that comes after performing Asus Ai Mesh node firmware update on the particular Asus router. There are a few steps to follow to set up Ai Mesh system to your router. Let us have a look at the below section.

Step 1. Pre-requisites to Configure Ai Mesh: 

  • Two routers that support Ai Mesh feature. Check the while list of the different models of the router supporting Ai Mesh. 
  • Allocate one router as an Ai Mesh router and another one as an Ai Mesh node. 
  • Locate both the router close to each other within a range of 1-3 meters. 

Step 2. Upgrade the routers with Asus Ai Mesh node firmware update support 

In the first step, install the latest version of firmware as per your router’s model number from https://www.asus.com/AiMesh/

  • Plug in the adapter to a power outlet close to you and turn on the power button from the back of the router. 
  • Verify the LED lights of WAN, 2.4 GHz and 5GHz to check that all the connections are properly established. 
  • Take an Ethernet cable and connect the router with the computer or laptop. 
  • Launch a web browser on the connected device and type http://router.asus.com that takes you to the Asus Setup Wizard. 
  • Visit the ‘Administration’ > ‘Firmware Upgrade’. 
  • Sync the downloaded firmware on both the Ai Mesh and node routers. 
  • Once the uploading process finishes, move to the ‘Network Map’ page to verify that Ai Mesh icon included or not. 

Step 3.  Reset Ai Mesh Node to factory default settings

  • Press and hold the Reset button on your Ai Mesh for more than 5 minutes, until the LED light starts flashing. 
  • Once the reset process finishes, Keep the Ai Mesh Node powered  on and keep it on standby mode to start with the settings. 

Step 4. Configure Ai Mesh Routers

  • After the cable/DSL modem. If it is equipped with the battery backup, take out the battery. 
  • Attach the Ai Mesh router to the modem with the help of a network cable. 
  • Confirm the modem LED light to ensure that you are getting an active status for the network. 
  • Connect the power adapter to the power supply and tap on the power button of the router. 
  • All the lights must be working conditions to ensure that your hardware connection is ready. 
  • Hook up the Client device o the Ai Mesh router. You can connect it with the help of a wired or wireless method. 
  • Be sure that your system is connected with the router with the similar network name on your Ai Mesh router. 
  • Initiate a web GUI and navigate to the http://router.asus.com
  • Visit the “Network Map’ page and hit on the ‘Ai Mesh Icon’ and search for the Extending Ai Mesh Node. 
  • Once done, the device will automatically search for the Ai Mesh Node. 
  • Click on the ‘Ai Mesh Node’ > ‘Add It to Ai Mesh System’. 
  • Hereby it is recommended to keep the routers close to each other to communicate properly.

Asus Ai Mesh Node Offline

If you are getting errors or getting Asus Ai Mesh Node offline issue in the process, you can use the below steps to resolve the issue. 

  • Ensure that Ai Mesh Node is connected to the power supply and it is turned ‘ON’. 
  • Check that your Asus Ai Mesh node firmware update is upgraded to the Ai Mesh supported Beta Firmware
  • Don’t forget to reset the device before you start the set up. 
  • Place the Ai Mesh router close by the Ai Mesh Node within the range of 1-3 meters. 
  • After check all these steps, try to make a connection between both the routers. 
  • You will receive a message when the ‘Synchronization’ is completed. 
  • Hence, the Ai Mesh Node is added to the Ai Mesh Network. 

Step 5. Place the Ai Mesh Router & The Node To The Appropriate Location

Now it’s time to find a perfect location for your Ai Mesh node to locate your router. You can easily check and monitor how many devices are connected with Ai Mesh Node and how good response they all are receiving.  It is recommended to place the Ai Mesh Node between the Ai Mesh router and exiting dead zone areas of your home or office to eliminate the dead spots and provide the amazing internet connectivity. 

This is all about the Ai mesh router and node configuration. By following the above-mentioned points, you can easily set up and get ready for Asus Ai Mesh node login. The Asus Ai Mesh node login process is given in the user manual. If you face any difficulty in the login process or getting an error, feel free to contact us anytime. Our technical support executives are all the times available to solve your queries online and provide you with a suitable solution.