Asus is a well-known name in modern technology in providing world-class gadgets. With the advent of technology, Asus has introduced a new feature called Ai Mesh to improve the wifi network range in your home and workplaces. All you have to use two routers to complete the Ai Mesh Node Setup and Asus Ai Mesh node login process to get started with the Ai Mesh network. Hereby in this blog, we will discuss how to set up Asus Ai Mesh Node login to get started with amazing internet network range for your entire home and office.

Before starting the process, there are some requirements you need to follow. These are:

  • First of all, you must have two routers that support Ai Mesh feature.  You can easily find the list of the routers that support Ai Mesh feature. 
  • Simply assign one router as an Ai Mesh router and the other one as Ai Mesh Node. 
  • Choose a perfect location for your routers and keep it nearby with a range of 1-3 meters.

Upgrade the routers with Asus Ai Mesh node Firmware Update

  • To upgrade your router with the Asus Ai Mesh node firmware update, you have to download the latest version of firmware software from the Asus official website . 
  • Connect with the power supply by using the adapter in the power outlet near you. 
  • Check all the different lights to ensure that you are properly connected and ready for Asus Ai Mesh Node login. 
  • Connect your client device with the router with the help of an Ethernet cable. 
  • Open a web GUI that will navigate you to the Asus Setup Wizard. If you are not able to see the Asus Setup Wizard, navigate to the
  • Go to ‘Administration’ settings and location the ‘Firmware Upgrade’. 
  • Download the firmware on both the routers Ai Mesh and Ai Mesh Node. 

Once the Asus Ai Mesh node firmware update is completed, move to the Network Map, option to verify that Ai Mesh icon displays.

Ai Mesh Node Resetting Process

  • To reset your Ai Mesh node router, press and hold the reset button for a few seconds. Release the button when you notice blinking LED light on the router. 
  • While the resetting process is completing, keep your Ai Mesh router ‘Turned On’ and on ‘Standby mode’ to start with the login process.

Setup Ai Mesh Router

  • Plug out your cable DSL modem and remove the battery if it has any. 
  • Be sure to check the LED light to know about internet connectivity. 
  • Plug in the power adapter to the power supply and press the power button to the ‘On’. 
  • Check the WAN, 2.4 GHz, 5GHz and other LED lights to check that your hardware connection is ready. 
  • Connect the computer to the Ai mesh router.  You can either use a wifi connection or a wired connection to get it connected. 
  • Ensure to use a similar network name as you are connected with the internet on your Ai Mesh router. 
  • Launch a web browser and you will be redirected on the Asus Set up wizard. 
  • Visit the ‘Network Map’ page and ‘Ai Mesh icon’ and click on the ‘Search’ option to get the Ai Mesh node option. 
  • After the search process is over, your router will detect the Ai Mesh Node automatically. 
  • Click on the ‘Add it to the Network’ to create an Ai Mesh Network on your router. 
  • Be sure to keep the routers within the range so that it can communicate properly. 
  • Hence, you Ai Mesh Node are set up properly. Checkout a proper location for your routers so that it can deliver the maximum internet speed without any hassle. 
  • It is recommended to place the routers in between the dead spots and your existing router to get maximum out of it.

Basic tips and tricks for Asus Ai Mesh node offline

If you are unable to get connected with the router or getting an Asus Ai Mesh node offline error, you can follow a few basic tricks to resolve your issue. These tricks are: 

  • Verify that you are connected with an active internet connection.
  • Check that both the routers are connected with the power supply and Turned ON. 
  • Confirm that both the router you are using supports the beta version of Asus Ai Mesh node firmware update. 
  • The router should be placed within a diameter of 1-3 meters to receive good communication. 
  • Always go for an Ai Mesh Node resetting process before you get started. 

These are some of the basic troubleshooting tips you may try to avoid Asus Ai Mesh node offline error. We hope the above blog proves beneficial for you and help you in the Asus Ai Mesh node login and set up process. For further assistance, you can directly get in touch with our technical team, who are all the times available to help you. Share your queries with us by call or the live chat window, and get the personalized solution for your problem.